Adaptive Server Anywhere Server Version How do I get the date time that the database was started? Via sql command / function or something.

asked 27 Sep '13, 14:21

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Walmir Taques
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SELECT PROPERTY ( 'StartTime' );

'2013-09-27 15:21:06.152'
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answered 27 Sep '13, 15:20

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Breck Carter
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Note that the property StartTime is when the server was started. There is not an equivalent property for when the database file was started as far as I know.

(27 Sep '13, 15:24) Chris Keating

The SYSHISTORY table should have this information. Look for the LAST_START operation.

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answered 27 Sep '13, 14:30

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Chris Keating
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Ok...thank you!

(27 Sep '13, 14:39) Walmir Taques

Note: SYSHISTORY has been introduced in ASA 9.0.1. Generally, and for older versions, you can also query the according server property via

SELECT property('StartTime');

That's even easier IMHO.

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answered 27 Sep '13, 15:26

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Volker Barth
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Very strange, but the system view SYSHISTORY shows yesterday:

I. 10/18 10:34:13. Starting database "..." (D:\ ... .db) at Wed Oct 18 2017 10:34
select last_time from SYSHISTORY where operation='LAST_START'
2017-10-17 10:48:02.000

(18 Oct '17, 04:46) Ilia63
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For current versions, I think SYSHISTORY entries for "START" and "LAST_START" seem to get refreshed only when a new version has been applied and not for general starts of the database. In my case, a v12.0.1 database has been started a few days ago but the last_time of the "LAST_START" row lists a date in 2016 when the last EBF had been applied...

(23 Oct '17, 03:52) Volker Barth
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