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I'am trying to connect to a sqlanywhere data base by using php; please I need help.

When running from command line (php connect.php) it works fine but when I try to run the same php program form a navigator (Firefox, Internet Explorer) the connexion failed.

Here are the php program I use :

With SqlAnywhere 16 (Apache 2.2.6 (Win32) and PHP 5.2.11 Data base : demo.db shiped with SqlAnywhere 16)

With SqlAnywhere 10 : (Apache 2.2.6 (Win32) and PHP 5.2.11 Data base : demo.db shiped whith SqlAnywhere 10)

asked 18 Sep '13, 17:46

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Are you trying to connection to a network server or a personal server? Show us an example of your connection string.

(19 Sep '13, 09:48) JBSchueler
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Thank you for your help

I am trying to connect to a personal server (demo16.db that ship whith sa16 developer); the php script is that in SA16 documentation : <?php # Connect using the default user ID and password $conn = sasql_connect( "UID=DBA;PWD=sql" ); if( $conn ) { echo "Connected all successfullyn"; sasql_disconnect( $conn ); } else { echo "Connection failedn"; } ?>

Once more thank for help.

(19 Sep '13, 16:09) basile

Try the network server instead of the personal server, and add Host, ServerName (Server), and DatabaseName (DBN) parameters to your connection string.

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answered 20 Sep '13, 10:11

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Thank you very much. The problem came from connection string; I just put parameters you advise and it works. ($conn = sqlanywhere_connect( "UID=fts;PWD=fts;ENG=GIACSRV10;CommLinks=tcpip" ));

Once more thank thank you

(20 Sep '13, 18:02) basile
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