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ASA how when it starts to make them up very fast, the number of transmit here is what you need to set up boot parameters to speed the data read speed

asked 17 Sep '13, 11:45

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Please explain what you are wanting ... since I do not think that you have given us any information in this question sufficient for anyone to give you an answer. It sounds like you want your application to run faster? Please give us some details on specific issues.

(17 Sep '13, 12:24) Mark Culp
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What I want in the DB is started to join parameters can make the client runs faster, always feel this is a small database now even if I have 8 g memory or so feel open very slowly, his data download speed of 1 m is the processing capacity of less than 1 m

(17 Sep '13, 12:29) mfkpie8
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@mfkpie8: ...and please do the same for your other queries... Otherwise folks might hesitate to respond to your postings simply because it seems wrong to have to ask for more information again and again (or to guess what you might have had in mind)...


(17 Sep '13, 12:31) Volker Barth

I'm still not understanding your question? I'll repeat what I said above: It sounds like you want your app to run faster... but you are not telling us what you are doing (i.e. what appears to be going slow). What is "1 m"? Give us some context: schema, queries, procedures, etc... something that tells us what you are doing, what you are wanting, and what you have right now.

(17 Sep '13, 12:48) Mark Culp
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And I'd like to add:

If you are having problems with asking your question in English, feel free to use a different language - it may be easier for others to translate your question than to give answers to an uncomprehensible question...

The following old FAQ has discussed that topic:

Are there plans to support questions in different languages?

(18 Sep '13, 03:10) Volker Barth
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