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In our application we were using Sybase 16 along with hibernate anf jconn3.jar for JDBC connectivity. we got some update issues, so we thought of migrating the jconn3.jar to jconn4.jar. Now we are facing an issue in creating tables with column type as boolean. Can anyone help us to resolve this issue.

asked 14 Sep '13, 05:10

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Angappan G
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Jeff Albion


"Facing an issue" doesn't tell us much that might help solve the problem. Can you edit the question to show the code you're trying to use and what error code/message you are getting?

(14 Sep '13, 09:20) Graeme Perrow

There are known issues with the Hibernate framework and jConnect (and the SQL Anywhere JDBC driver), but all known compatibility issues have been fixed in the latest versions of the software.

We have recently released the newest copies of the SQL Anywhere Hibernate dialects on to GitHub. There is a separate download for Hibernate 3.x or 4.x, and separate dialect classes provided for each SQL Anywhere version (10, 11, 12 and 16). Be sure to read the included README information on how to use the dialects (and for the version compatibility notes).


Now we are facing an issue in creating tables with column type as boolean.

As Graeme mentions, we'll need a lot more information on what you're doing here in order to help more:

  1. Which specific version and patch level of jConnect are you using? (java -jar jconn4.jar)
  2. Which specific version and build of SQL Anywhere 16 are you using (dbsrv16 -v or SELECT @@version)
  3. Which specific SQL Anywhere Hibernate Dialect are you using and where did you obtain it from? (e.g. org.hibernate.dialect.SQLAnywhere16Dialect)
  4. Which specific version of Hibernate are you using - 3.x or 4.x?
  5. How are you creating the table definitions in Hibernate - JPA notation or XML? What is the table definition you're using and what is the org.hibernate.type defined for the column?
  6. How are you actually generating the tables in Hibernate? Are you using or something else?
  7. Which exceptions/errors are you seeing and where? Can you provide a stack trace?

(16 Sep '13, 10:01) Jeff Albion
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