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We have a client who is running Sybase and experienced an assertion error. We are trying to assist them with repairing the database by re-applying the current translated log file to the last good backup (using DBISQL to read the translated log file to the DB). It runs for a while and then crashes with the error:

Could not execute statement. Internal database error ERROR Assertion failed: 200610 ( Attempting to normalize a non-continued row (0xb26:0x0) -- transaction rolled back SQLCODE=-301, ODBC 3 State="HY000" File: "Trans.sql" on line 83027, column 1 You can continue executing or stop.

--SQL-1012-0004124849 alter table "DBA"."user_tab6_data" alter "Type_of_Misdemeanor" varchar(35)

Any help on this is greatly appreciated!

asked 13 Sep '13, 16:26

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Have you validated the database to make sure the originaly DB is not corrupt?

(14 Sep '13, 16:29) ASchild

An unload/reload of a copy of the backup database may be necessary to remove any inconsistencies. Also, are you running any TRUNCATE statements on the database start-up event? It may be necessary to upgrade to the latest EBF

(14 Sep '13, 17:14) Mikel Rychliski

Thanks so much for the prompt replies! I had validated the backup copy of the database and also rebuilt that backup copy prior to trying to apply the translated log file to it and had receved the same error.
We are not running any truncate statements at startup.
I just got done trying to fix it with the latest EBF ( that was posted on Friday and that did fix the issue! I was able to apply the translated log file to the backup copy without any issues.

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answered 16 Sep '13, 13:42

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