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I've installed SQL Anywhere 16 Developer edition, and set up a server using a database upgraded from version 11. When I try to connect to this server via an ODBC data source, I get "This server is not licensed to support 'ODBC' connections.

Is this a limitation with the Developer edition? If not, what else could be going wrong?

asked 12 Sep '13, 14:46

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It seems that the problem is in the InstallShield Wizard, when you enter a Developer Edition key at the same time as a FIPS key.

Enter the Developer Edition key only, and click Next. The License Agreement page will say "SAP Sybase(r)SQL Anywhere(r)Developer Edition"

Now click Back, click "Enter Multiple Registration Keys...", add a FIPS key in the First add-on field, and click Next. Now the Licence Agreement page says, "Sybase(r) SQL Anywhere(r) Web Edition"

When I completed the install with only the Developer Edition key, then ran the install a second time to add the FIPS add-on, it remained a Developer Edition.

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answered 13 Sep '13, 15:48

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Ah, a subtle error. Note, you should be able to modify the installation type afterwards with "dblic -k ...", methinks.

(13 Sep '13, 16:09) Volker Barth

Are you using a Developer Edition license? My guess is that you installed the software with a Web Edition license key since the Web Edition is not licensed to accept ODBC connections. (see last question in this Web Edition FAQ)

The Developer Edition has no restrictions other then you are not allowed to use it in a production environment.

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answered 12 Sep '13, 14:52

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Mark Culp
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I installed it using the SAP Sybase SQL Anywhere 16 Developer Edition Registration Key emailed to me after I registered. I ran SA16Developer.exe, which I downloaded from a link in the same email, and entered the registration key in the wizard page that asked for keys. Did I miss a step somewhere?

(12 Sep '13, 15:28) EMurchieBeyma
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What does DBISQL with "select property('ServerEdition')" reveal?

(13 Sep '13, 11:03) Volker Barth

Web HighAvailability InMemory FIPS

(13 Sep '13, 14:52) EMurchieBeyma
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So you've apparently not installed a Developer Edition, but a Web Edition...

No, I don't have a clue what went wrong:(

(13 Sep '13, 15:44) Volker Barth

This may help or inspire another person to provide a better answer.

Are you running under Linux? There is a license file placed in the folder with the servers based on the install. When I installed the x64 client and server with x32 clients only (no server) dbsrv16 (and not dbeng16) existed in the 32 bit directory without a license file and I got a no license message when I erroneously attempted to start the 32 bit server instead of the 64 bit server.

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answered 17 Sep '13, 20:09

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