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I need to open a .db file from Sybase. Reading its headers I found this: Sybase Inc.

What's the minimum software I need to open the file? Where can I find it?

I'm newbie and feel lost with so many tools...


asked 28 Aug '13, 03:13

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Mark Culp

Hi Marcis,

I assume you don't already have a copy of Adaptive Server Anywhere (SQL Anywhere) 9 on your machine?

If not, you should download SQL Anywhere 16 Developer Edition. Version 9 database files cannot be started directly on version 16, you will need to rebuild the database. Note you will need a username/password for the database, the default is dba/sql. Once the database is rebuilt, you should be able to access the data contained in it using Sybase Central and Interactive SQL. (Click 'Connect' in Sybase Central and choose 'Start and connect to a database on this computer').

Please note that the Developer Edition for development purposes only and should not be used in production.

Hope this helps.

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answered 28 Aug '13, 08:05

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Mikel Rychliski
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Is there any free version of ASA 16 to download and to be used in production (any or other version)?


(28 Aug '13, 10:29) Walmir Taques
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No, production versions must be licensed - the developer edition cannot be used in production. In SQL Anywhere 11 or 12, if you are using an exclusive web application, there is the SQL Anywhere Web Edition available, that was free to use.

(28 Aug '13, 10:42) Jeff Albion

@Jeff: So v16 doesn't come with a Web Edition? If so, why (in case there is a published answer...)?

(28 Aug '13, 15:05) Volker Barth

FWIW, the doc page does not say that the free Web Edition is no more available with v16...

(29 Aug '13, 05:18) Volker Barth

SQL Anywhere 9.x can open all versions back to (at least 5.5) With SQL Anywhere 10 a new file format was used, so with SQLA versions 10-16 you can open all DB files back (including) V10

When you wish to open a older format with v10 and up, you can convert them into the new format. (Basically a automatic unload/reload in the new format)

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answered 28 Aug '13, 10:47

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beware if use v10 and up esp v11 rel 2960, and you have outer join in your app or store proc, you may find failures and need to convert them manually. worse offenders are sql with reference to subquery

(28 Aug '13, 12:26) gg99
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@@gg99: I don't think the problem you're unfortunately facing (see this FAQ) is a typical one for migrating SA databases - it's apparently due to the long deprecated T-SQL outer joins. Note: T-SQL outer joins have already been deprecated with SA v10...

(28 Aug '13, 15:04) Volker Barth
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