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Why has a new download has been posted with an old build number (16.0.1512)?

What does "SQL Anywhere Advanced" mean, in the context of a download?

What does "EBF 21592" mean?

SQL Anywhere Advanced - EBF 21592: 16.0 SP1 Build 1512 Update of 16.0 to build 1512 16.0    21 Aug 2013 EBF/Patch   
SQL Anywhere - Update of 16.0.0 to build 1535   16.0    30 May 2013 EBF/Patch   
SQL Anywhere - Update of 16.0.0 to build 1512   16.0    16 May 2013 EBF/Patch

asked 22 Aug '13, 17:08

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Breck Carter
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FWIW this new download contains exactly the same *.exe that was posted on 16 May 2013.

(23 Aug '13, 09:05) Breck Carter

Hello Breck,

Let me first apologize for any confusion that this may have caused you or others.

We at SAP are working towards posting SPs (support packages SAP terminology, formerly EBFs) both on and in the SAP Service MarketPlace (SMP). This process results in the same download being cross-posted to both locations. Originally when 16.0 build 1512 as posted this process wasn't in place. This SP was re-posted using this new methodology. In the future, only the new format will be posted (except perhaps when build 1635 (already available) gets cross-posted).

The EBF number that's listed is just a unique identifier for an EBF on The number itself is meaningless to you I believe.

You may have also noticed that there are other files associated with the download that weren't typically there. For example, there is a bug fix readme file that is of a different format than the one you're used to. The old style html readme is still available within the install and is the one that pops up at the end of the software install process.

SQL Anywhere Advanced is the package name in our internal systems. I'm not sure I can get it changed to SQL Anywhere like you're used to. Hopefully, it's enough for you to know that the install is identical to what you're accustomed to getting.

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answered 23 Aug '13, 10:31

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Jason Noack
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A little bird told me what's going on, and my mood changed immediately from one of "What fresh make-work hell is this?" to one of "Congratulations! Once again Watcom does things the way they should be done!"

That's because, deep down inside this new download reside EXACTLY the same two files that were delivered by the original May download. Those are the files we need (the original-format readme, and the update exe).

If we know those files are there, and will be there in future downloads, we can ignore the noise surrounding them (the extra files, the nested zip file structure, the funky file names).

(23 Aug '13, 15:02) Breck Carter
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