In our product used SA one of customers encountered with follow problem after start database server DB is stuck on TCPIP link

I. 08/09 15:14:06. SQL Anywhere Network Server Version
  I. 08/09 15:14:06. OEM Authenticated Edition, licensed only for use with authenticated OEM    applications.
  I. 08/09 15:14:06. 
  I. 08/09 15:14:08. Database server started at Fri Aug 09 2013 15:14
I. 08/09 15:14:08. Trying to start SharedMemory link ...
I. 08/09 15:14:08.     SharedMemory link started successfully
I. 08/09 15:14:08. Trying to start TCPIP link ...
I. 08/09 15:14:08. Starting on port 50003
and here is stuck

Restart not help. Only after recreate DB problem solved. Not clear what could be a problem with DB files in this case.

asked 19 Aug '13, 11:21

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Could you try starting the database server with the -z flag? This should print additional information that may reveal what is preventing the startup.

(19 Aug '13, 11:42) Mikel Rychliski
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The database is on customer site and currently customer have recreate DB and it solve the problem

(19 Aug '13, 11:44) HBrener
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