Hi, i'm trying to reload an Authenticated OEM database with a new page size but when using dbunload I get an authentication violation error message.

dbunload.exe -c "DBF=C:DatabasesDB01database.db;UID=dba;PWD=..." -an "C:DatabasesDB02database.db" -ap 32768 Adaptive Server Anywhere Unload Utility Version * SQL error: Authentication violation

Is this normal, or is there something else I have to do?

Note: I have also tried creating the database setting the database_authentication then using an external unload, external reload with the same results. I obtained the authentication strings using the following SQL:

SELECT * FROM sa_conn_properties() WHERE PropName IN ('database_authentication', 'connection_authentication')

The application i'm doing this for is licenced i'm just supporting it for a client.

asked 19 Aug '13, 04:50

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You can use a script file to provide the authentication string for new created databases (like done by dbunload) the script for 9.0.2 should be %SQLANY9%\scripts\saopts.sql for newer versions it is %SQLANY10%\scripts\authenticate.sql
see also Upgrading authenticated databases

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answered 19 Aug '13, 04:59

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I added "SET OPTION PUBLIC.DATABASE_AUTHENTICATION = '...';" with the database_authentication string I extracted from the DB to the top of the saops.sql file and run then dbuload. I recived the same error message authentication violation.

(19 Aug '13, 05:15) Robert2

Please set this value in the existing DATABASE_AUTHENTICATION block of that file. If you added the entry at the start of the file, it gets overwritten by that existing block.

(19 Aug '13, 09:21) Chris Keating
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