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I'm coming over from the MSSQL world and have gotten used to things like Skip to help with paging.

From what I can gather Skip isn't supported with the iSqlAnywhere provider so the only way I can think of off the top of my head are to use my filtered IQueryable to bring back primary keys and perform a skip take on them in memory and then do a contains to bring back the actual data I need.

To me this seems kind of hacky and I would definitely appreciate any other thoughts on the matter.

Writing SQL statements directly is not an option.

Here is an example of what I'd be doing.

IQueryable<foo> bar =  someAlreadyFilteredQueryable;
var barIds = bar.Select(b=>b.Id).ToList();
var finalIds = barIds.Skip(pageNum * pageSize).Take(pageSize);
var result =  someAlreadyFilteredQueryable.Where(s=> finalIds.Contains(s.Id)).ToList();

Like I said it seems hacky considering I can just do someAlreadyFilteredQueryable.Skip(pageNum * pageSize).Take(pageSize).ToList() with MSSQL.

Edit: It appears the query generated behind the scenes uses the ALL keyword that isn't supported in the version of sybase I'm hitting.

TLDR - You need to be on V12 to use Skip

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Skip is supported. I use it in my code all the time.


For example, here's some code from my program that performs a paged search of one of the tables in our database:

noPages = (int) ( noMatchingEntries / pageSize );
if ( noMatchingEntries % pageSize != 0 )

if ( pageNo > 0 ) {
    query = query.Skip( pageNo * pageSize );

query = query.Take( pageSize );
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Can you give me an example? What version are you running?

Every time I attempt to do so I get a syntax error - 'Syntax error near 'ALL' on line 6'

(14 Aug '13, 10:23) elindalyne
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What SA version are you using?

(14 Aug '13, 10:33) Reimer Pods

It appears this particular DB is on

(14 Aug '13, 10:34) elindalyne

We're using SA We're also using the same version of the SA ADO.NET / Entity Framework driver. See the edits to my answer for an example.

(15 Aug '13, 08:18) TonyV
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