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It's been common for Sybase to follow a major of release of SQL Anywhere n.0.0 with a follow-up release n.0.1 not too long afterwards. Has anyone heard anything official / unofficial / speculative / WAG about whether something similar is likely to happen with SQL Anywhere 16, and if so, the likely time frame?

asked 02 Aug '13, 17:04

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Dan Konigsbach
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Up to now I have not heard any talk of doing a 16.0.1 release... but that is not to say that there will never be a 16.0.1 release! In the recent past the X.0.1 release has been mostly a rollup of bug fixes. In earlier days we would squeeze in some new features but as you know we've not done that so much in the past few releases (yes, there are likely exceptions that you could cite). The testing for SPs (aka EBFs) has increased to the point that there isn't much difference between a maintenance release and an SP - the only big difference is the amount of manual testing that is done. Manual testing takes months during a GA/Maint release and only a subset is done for an SP.

Disclaimer: All statements made here are possibly future looking and .... etc. :-)

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answered 02 Aug '13, 21:34

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Mark Culp
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...not to mention the fact that it would be called 16.1, not 16.0.1, in this new SAP world :)

(03 Aug '13, 06:59) Breck Carter

Thanks very much, Mark! That definitely helps our planning.

(And thanks, Breck. I didn't notice the change in numbering approach.)

(05 Aug '13, 16:32) Dan Konigsbach
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