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I use DB on SA12 with remote server on ASA9 through DSN=PPPnet, but after shifting two servers (SA12 and ASA9) on one computer remote server don`t work. Test connection reports:

SQL Statement: SELECT FIRST table_name FROM dbo.sp_remote_tables( 'pref', NULL, NULL, NULL, 1 )   ORDER BY 1

also ODBC manager tested DNS well. Where is the problem?

asked 29 Jul '13, 12:48

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How did you define the remote server? The error message is suggesting that the remote server can't be contacted.

Can you show us the CREATE SERVER SQL statement that you used?

(29 Jul '13, 14:44) Jeff Albion

I create server with command:


And deference with working example is the only that ASA9 server started on the PC where is started SA12.

(30 Jul '13, 08:58) Serge

What is the exact error message. If the error is something like "driver name or DSN not found", then it could be that you have a 64-bit DSN and are using a 32-bit SA 12 server or vice-versa. Note that the bitness of the DSN/driver must match the bitness of the SA 12 server since you are using the ASA 9 server as the remote. Try a DSN-less USING clause instead, something like:

USING 'driver=Adaptive Server Anywhere 9.0;dbn=...;eng=...;links=SharedMemory"

Note that links=SharedMemory will only work if both the 12 and 9 server are running on the same machine. Otherwise you will need to use: links=tcpip(host=...;port=...)

(Again, take note that even in the DSN-less case, you must have an ASA 9 ODBC driver that is of the same bitness as the SA 12 server.)

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answered 30 Jul '13, 09:20

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Karim Khamis
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Thanks Karim, his recommendation to use "DSN-less USING clause" works perfectly!

(30 Jul '13, 11:58) Serge
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