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When we look at the SQL Anywhere product line we see the Work Group Edition, and the Standard Edition (Chip License) and the On Demand Edition.

Despite the various licensing constraints, if we were to compare the function and performance of these versions on a single Dual Chip Environment with 6 cores per chip - would they all perform similarly or are there advantages or limitations built in which would make one out perform the other?

asked 29 Jul '13, 01:16

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Glenn Barber
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Thank you for a "can of worms" question... :)

If you are asking about SQL Anywhere size and number limitations, then no, there's no difference, the editions are all the same; let's assume you are not asking about UltraLite and UltraLite Java edition database limitations.

If you are asking about Marketecture limitations, then yes, there are some; see the Editions and licensing, SQL Anywhere database servers and Server Licensing utility (dblic) Help topics, as well as the Editions and licensing web page (which may be the most useful link).

I'm guessing here, but if your question can be restated as

"Are there any differences in performance between Workgroup, Standard and Advanced edition copies of dbsrv16, running without either of the High Availability or In-Memory features, on a two-socket computer?"

then the answer is "no".

I think :)

alt text

PS if you use the Foxhound database monitor then there might be a reason to use the Standard edition of SQL Anywhere instead of beating a Workgroup licence to death :)

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answered 29 Jul '13, 08:51

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Breck Carter
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All editions have the same limits, so they don't have performance differences. The only exception might be the on-demand edition, I'm not sure what's in there.

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answered 29 Jul '13, 07:40

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