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I know it's really difficult, clicking once :)...

...but if an answer is worth upvoting, certainly if a comment on a question or answer is worth upvoting, then surely the question itself is worth upvoting.

Questions often come from new members, and upvotes are worth MUCH MORE to new members. For example, upvoting a new member's first question provides a 1,600% point increase!

Ask yourself this: If an answer is good, then how come the question wasn't any good?

asked 19 Jul '13, 07:12

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Breck Carter
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Absolutely - it is an easy way to encourage more people to participate in the forum.

(19 Jul '13, 07:16) Justin Willey

And also feel free to accept good answers, so that others see that a solution to the question exists.

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answered 19 Jul '13, 10:13

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Personally, having spent many, many points on questions and answers (a click doesn't cost that much), my simple rule to upvote a question is as follows:

Generally, I'll vote up a question unless

  • I don't have any idea of its contents and can't tell whether this seems a good question - or I feel totally unrelated to the topic, or
  • the poster seems to have provided way too less information to get senseful answers or seems not really interested in getting a good answer (say, would not respond to comments asking for more details).

Given the helpfulness of the community here, I guess there still are "poor" questions that have received good answers - sometimes "not enough information" seems to give others the chance to guess on underlying problems and circumstances, and these guesses and suggestions are usually particular helpful on their own... - responding by asking the "right questions" is surely a sign of expertise itself:)

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answered 19 Jul '13, 07:28

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Volker Barth
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