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In August, Chris has announced a set of standard tags to categorize questions:

I don't think this GUI enhancement will make version 1, as we are already working on several other enhancements, such as threaded comments. Users with the right level of reputation/karma
will be able to re-tag questions using the "standard" set.

As I have understood that discussion, I've expected these standard tags to be used here right from the start (and possibly replace tags like "sa-9" with "v-9") but that there won't be a GUI to recommend the usage of them.

What's the current state of this topic?

asked 03 Mar '11, 12:29

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Volker Barth
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edited 18 Mar '11, 11:22

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Mark Culp


Anything new to this topic?

(11 Mar '11, 16:50) Volker Barth
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Are there more news available?

(Where "more" is more than zero...)

(23 Nov '11, 11:04) Volker Barth

The plan is to migrate all of the questions to use the proposed set of standard tags. Other tags are certainly allowed as well, but if the purpose of the tag is covered by one of the standard tags then we would suggest that the standard tag be used.

Feel free to help migrate the tags on the existing questions to use the standard tags. - Thanks.

permanent link

answered 18 Mar '11, 11:24

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Mark Culp
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Is there a current documentation of the "standard tags"? - That would help to clean up...

(19 Mar '11, 07:30) Volker Barth
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Just another reminder: Something new on this topic?

(12 Jul '11, 03:08) Volker Barth

I'm sure Breck's list would just consist of "performance" and "debugging":)

(13 Jul '11, 03:33) Volker Barth

Ha ha ha... I don't care about tags, I never search on them because (IMHO) they are useless. But the software expects at least one tag, so I give it one tag... perhaps I should start using "useless-tag"? :)

(13 Jul '11, 04:21) Breck Carter

Well, I do like tags (as you'll know) - and I have the impression the "Related questions list" makes some useful way of them. And this list is helpful IMHO.

At least I like to think that way:)

(13 Jul '11, 04:26) Volker Barth

Yes, I know you like the tags... which is why you will be retagging all my questions, right? :)

(13 Jul '11, 05:37) Breck Carter

I'd volunteer to clean up after you too but unfortunately... :)

(13 Jul '11, 05:45) Daz Liquid

If we only could give you some bounty...

(13 Jul '11, 06:15) Volker Barth

I'd suggest that re-taggers should earn some rep points, but unfortanetely, that's a


(13 Jul '11, 06:19) Volker Barth

After some thought, I'd suggest the following tags for that purpose:

  1. "unspecified" or
  2. "null" (or "null-tag") or
  3. "TIY" (tag it yourself).

Then we will do the real work:)

Yes, it's fun to declare nonsense as serious committee work....

(15 Jul '11, 16:14) Volker Barth
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