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Hello Forum

Just reaching out and seeing if any of you are loading over 1 million rows of data into a table, and if so, what kind of time frame are you seeing that it takes to load that many records. To say the least, 1 million is nothing compared to what we are trying to achieve, end goal is 150 million records in one table.

Can SUP handle this?

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Volker Barth

With SUP you mean Sybase Unwired Platform?

(11 Jul '13, 09:00) Martin

This is not a forum for SUP questions. If you are asking about loading rows into a SQL Anywhere database, then the answer is a resounding "Yes!".

One of the best-kept secrets in the history of database products is the fact that SQL Anywhere is capable of handling whatever 99% of the world's companies can throw at it.

The truth is, SQL Anywhere is developed and maintained by a separate division within Sybase, now SAP, and the engineers work very hard to ensure it works well with large, high-volume, multi-user applications as well in small-footprint mobile environments.

The secret is, from a marketing and sales point of view HANA, IQ and ASE are SAP's enterprise offerings, so SQL Anywhere is promoted as a mobile solution... end of story, full stop, no discussion of thousand-user multi-gigabyte databases, none.

In fact, all traces of previous promotional campaigns that tell a different story are fading from view. Here's an ad from 2006, published in Issue 27 of The International Executive Search Magazine...

alt text

Here's a press release from 2004 that has been removed from the Sybase website but is still available online...

iAnywhere Database Powers High Performance Solution For Global Recruitment Consultancies

SYNOPSIS: Market-leading SQL Anywhere Studio selected as easy to use, enterprise-caliber database to address the demanding performance requirements of Microdec's clients

    DUBLIN, Calif., May 10 /PRNewswire/ -- iAnywhere Solutions, Inc., a
 subsidiary of Sybase, Inc. (NYSE:   SY), today announced that Microdec Plc
 selected SQL Anywhere(R) Studio, the market-leading database and enterprise
 synchronization solution for mobile, embedded and small to medium sized
 business environments. Microdec's Profile 2000 application is designed to meet
 the needs of global professional recruitment consultancies and manages the
 entire recruitment process from the initial registration of a client to hiring
 an applicant. In a rigorous evaluation process, SQL Anywhere emerged as the
 top choice to address the small to medium sized business (SMB) database
 requirements of Microdec's leading clients.
     "Our task in selecting a database for the Profile 2000 application was to
 ensure that it could meet our clients' need for high-performance data
 management and superior customer service. In addition, recognizing that our
 clients often have offices throughout the world without local IT staff, the
 database needed to be easy-to-use and self-administering," said Clive Seagers,
 technical director at Microdec.
     During the product evaluation stages, Microdec tested the SQL Anywhere-
 powered Profile 2000 solution in a "model office" to assess its functionality
 and ability to meet the needs of global organizations.  Profile 2000 was put
 through a qualified IBM benchmarking test to ensure the scalability and speed
 of the underlying SQL Anywhere database and the robustness of the application.

The results revealed that the SQL Anywhere-powered solution:
     -- Demonstrated high-performance running more than 1,300 active, connected
        users on a single database with 30 million records.
     -- Surpassed benchmark requirements on an 18 GB SQL Anywhere database with
        3,900 concurrent connections.
     -- Performed more than 400% faster than benchmark requirements for global
        recruitment consultancies, with some search results over 4,700% faster.
     -- Addressed the key requirements for ease of use and zero administration
        necessary for non-technical users to run the Profile application across
        a large number of distributed offices.

"Microdec's Profile 2000 application is an exciting example of the success
 that our customers are achieving using SQL Anywhere to power high-performance,
 multi-user server applications. The same capabilities that have made SQL
 Anywhere the leader in the mobile and embedded database markets such as ease
 of use, high performance out-of-the-box, small footprint and enterprise
 caliber functionality, make it the perfect server database for the needs of
 small to medium sized business environments," said Michael Paola, senior group
 product manager at iAnywhere. "We were pleased to work closely with Microdec
 throughout this evaluation process."

About SQL Anywhere Studio
     SQL Anywhere is the market-leading data management and enterprise data
 synchronization solution, enabling the rapid development and deployment of
 database-powered applications for mobile, remote and small to medium sized
 business environments.

About iAnywhere
      iAnywhere is the worldwide market leader in mobile databases and mobile
 middleware. More than 12,000 customers and 1,000 embedded database partners
 rely on its SQL Anywhere(R) technology and mobile enterprise solutions. In
 addition, its AvantGo(R) mobile Internet service has more than ten million
 registered subscribers. iAnywhere is a subsidiary of Sybase, Inc. (NYSE:   SY),
 and its mobile technology plays an important role in the Sybase(R) Unwired
 Enterprise initiative to unlock and deliver enterprise information anytime,
 anywhere. Visit for more information.

Here's "Success Story" that was last revised on Aug 19, 2011 and still remains on the Sybase website...


"SQL Anywhere was really the only database that met our requirements. In addition to its ability to scale from the single laptop or desktop to workgroups to the enterprise, SQL Anywhere can manage huge volumes of data and accommodate large numbers of concurrent users while delivering high performance, equivalent to some more costly and demanding databases. It requires virtually no maintenance, which is important because many of our customers don’t have the luxury of large IT departments with DBAs around to baby-sit databases all day."

Scott Oelfke - Product Manager for Data GIS, LMKR

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Breck Carter
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Breck, you earned the inofficial badge "Master of history" ;-)

(11 Jul '13, 09:53) Martin
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Yes, particularly as one might suspect that "SQL Anywhere Success Stories" seem to be hidden by NDAs by default:)

(11 Jul '13, 10:14) Volker Barth

"hidden by NDAs" - how so?

I am very concious of NDAs, one of which, for example, prevents me from revealing that [redacted] has been using SQL Anywhere to store all [redacted]illion rows of data in their [redacted] database to satisfy [redacted] transactions per second from their [redacted] [redacted] customers located in [redacted] countries for the past [redacted] years.

(11 Jul '13, 10:30) Breck Carter

SQLA can handle such data see SQL Anywhere size and number limitations

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answered 11 Jul '13, 09:00

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