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I am using NetBeans to develop a Java Application, and right now I am trying to connect to SQL Anywhere 10 via JDBC. I have included jodbc.jar in my class path and done what it was supposed to in order to do well... but still having the same SQLException:

java.sql.SQLException: The jodbc.jar build does not match the shared object build

Above there is a screenshot, with the packet included in the class path on the left, the code with the problematic 327 line on the right and the log below. user1 and password1 are simply Strings containing these data regarding the user to connect.

Any ideas about how to make it up?

Thanks so much in advance.

asked 28 Jun '13, 10:47

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David Lopez
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Mark Culp

The error that you are getting indicates that the version of the jar file (jodbc.jar) does not match the version of the shared object (DLL/SO) that is being loaded by the jar file. i.e. dbjodbc10.dll.

Make sure that you have matching versions of these two files in your CLASSPATH and PATH respectively.

Also see this post

permanent link

answered 28 Jun '13, 11:12

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Mark Culp
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You can also test to see which version you have of each file at the command-line:

java -cp jodbc.jar

And if you have sigcheck installed, you can check the DLL version.

sigcheck -q -n dbjodbc10.dll (64-bit)

(Alternatively, Right-click the dbjodbc10.dll in Windows Explorer, Properties, Details).

(28 Jun '13, 11:54) Jeff Albion
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