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Using SQLA, is there a maximum value for the -gn option?

asked 25 Jun '13, 14:47

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Mark Culp

The maximum value for the number of workers in SA is:

  • 500 if you are running 32bit server on Windows,
  • 4096 if you are using a 64bit server on Windows,
  • 50 if you are using SA on Windows CE,
  • ~480 if on Solaris or HPUX, and
  • ~4064 if on one of the other Unix platforms (Linux, Mac OSX, AIX).

The above numbers are valid for at least v9 through v16.


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answered 25 Jun '13, 15:30

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Mark Culp
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You should be really careful when attempting to change the database server's -gn switch and you should be aiming to adjust it to a value that makes sense for your workload, not a documented 'maximum'. This is more of a practical limit for your workload situation - it will be different for each specific database use-case and hardware situation.

I would highly recommend first reading through this section of the documentation that talks about the effects of changing this value:

While increasing the number of workers may improve your overall operation if there are a large number of unscheduled requests, increasing the number of workers unnecessarily will take away memory and resources from other workers and may cause higher amounts of contention, actually lowering throughput.

Since it's understood that this testing process is very experimental in nature and isn't practical to be run in each and every installation site, we now have automatic worker tuning in SQL Anywhere 12 and above.

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answered 25 Jun '13, 15:43

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Jeff Albion
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