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I'm using DBISQL on Win32.

When copying cell contents from DBISQL's Results pane, I'm usually interested in the cell's contents, not in the contents of the whole row or the row headers.

I can do so by using the context menu and then choose "copy data / cell" (the English terms may be different, I am using a localized version). However, I'd surely prefer to use CTRL-C to copy only the selected cells contents. However, - as documented - CTRL-C copies the wohle row(s) including the column header. And all too often I end up trying to insert a single value in another window and then accidentally insert a whole bunch of data instead...

Question: Can I use a different shortcut here - or is there a DBISQL option to alter the meaning of CTRL-C within the Results pane?

If not, I would suggest an according enhancement.

asked 20 Jun '13, 13:31

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Volker Barth
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Just to revive an old suggestion - I still freqently have to copy cell contents from DBISQL result sets, and it's still disturbing to have to use the contents menu with "Copy Data/Cells" each and every time with v17.

An option to change DBISQL's default copy behaviour within the Results pane would be appreciated.

(17 Jan '20, 03:37) Volker Barth

I vote "yes yes yes yes yes".

It looks like Ctrl-C effectively maps to Copy Data - Rows, whereas you (and I !!!) would VERY MUCH prefer it to map to Copy Data - Columns, as those are described here: Copying columns, rows, and cells from an Interactive SQL result set.

The whole list of Keyboard shortcuts for Interactive SQL takes me back to 1985... but even back then, software used by cool kids let you change the key assignments ( hint, hint :)

[sarcasm alert] Thank you, Volker, for pointing out how REALLY ANNOYING Ctrl-C is [end sarcasm alert] ... until now it was just one of life's little irritants like the alarm going off before you were finished sleeping, now it's going to REALLY bug me :)

alt text

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answered 20 Jun '13, 14:56

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Breck Carter
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