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Hi. A customer is running sqla They periodically will see the following error...

SQLANYs_resqprod: Fatal error: disk full when writing to "d:\resq\resqwin\resqprod\db\resqprod.log"

... even though the disk has plenty of space. Any suggestions?

Thanks, Doug

P.S. Tried to upload an sqla crash dump file, but was unsuccessful.

asked 18 Jun '13, 15:59

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Volker Barth

Hi Doug,

There was a fix in CR #670470 in to "fix" potentially misleading error codes when writing to the disk that would otherwise indicate that the disk was full. There may be an alternative issue with the file system that would be correctly reported with a newer build. I would recommend upgrading and check to see if the 'out of disk space' message changes.

Another frequent issue is one dealing with the temporary file - remember that while in operation, the database server will maintain the temporary file to store temporary results. Once the server is shut down, this file is cleared which sometimes makes it "look" like you have plenty of space when you go to check the free space afterwards -- when really it's the temporary file taking up the disk space during operation. To set the temporary file location, see the documentation.

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answered 18 Jun '13, 16:30

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Jeff Albion
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Thanks Jeff. Yes, I will recommend that they upgrade sqla and I may use the -dt option to relocate the temporary file. Thanks again.

(18 Jun '13, 16:35) dejstone

I just found that the server's virtual drive is set about 5 gig below the recommended size. Also, the drive was setup to reside on C: drive, the smallest drive, with only 2 gig free. I am asking sys admin to resize the virtual drive and move it to a drive with more room.

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answered 18 Jun '13, 16:31

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