The SQL Anywhwere 12.0.1 Help download SA1201_Documentation_English_HTML_Help.exe installs the Help here on Windows 7

"C:\Program Files\SQL Anywhere 12\Documentation\EN\HTMLHelp\sqlanywhere_en12.chm"

but puts this path specification in the shortcut "Target"

"C:\Program Files (x86)\SQL Anywhere 12\Documentation\EN\HTMLHelp\sqlanywhere_en12.chm"

To fix it, click right mouse - Properties on this shortcut

start - All Programs - SQL Anywhere 12 - Documentation - HTML Help (English)

and take the " (x86)" out of the "Target" path.

Interestingly, the "Start in" path is correct.

asked 17 Feb '11, 11:16

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Breck Carter
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Well, seems like you can choose between 32-bit and 64-bit help - so what do you prefer? (No, that ain't a serious comment.)

(17 Feb '11, 11:44) Volker Barth

64-bit? When I was young, we didn't even have ones, we had to write everything using zeroes...

(17 Feb '11, 11:51) Breck Carter

BUT, you're still young, aren't you Breck :-)

(17 Feb '11, 12:32) Karim Khamis


(17 Feb '11, 14:54) Breck Carter


(17 Feb '11, 20:19) Glenn Paulley

...I give up...

(17 Feb '11, 21:19) Breck Carter

Glenn said "You should have used EBCDIC." which is correct if I wanted complete obfuscation... or does it mean that CAST AS EBCDIC is coming soon? :)

(18 Feb '11, 12:22) Breck Carter

Fine humour - particularly for those whose age is closer to 0b1000000 than 0b100000 - at least that's what I like to assume:)

(19 Feb '11, 16:42) Volker Barth
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