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I am running Linux Mint15 on a Windows 7-64bit as a dual boot workstation with SA (SA12 was installed with all of the default options for 32 and 64-bit before applying EBF # 3873).

As per this question, I had to install the ia32-libs in order to have Sybase Central started from a desktop icon.

But, when I start Sybase Central there is no Plug-in listed.

The Connections option does not list Connect with SQL Anywhere 12 so I can't connect with any of the running databases.

Could anyone provide some clarifications on how we should proceed?

asked 30 May '13, 11:26

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Have you tried adding the plug-in's manually from the plug in option in the tools menu? The file is saplugin.jar and should be located in a folder called 'java' in your install directory.

(30 May '13, 13:48) Mikel Rychliski
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When I look at Tools -> Plug-ins a screen displays with no item and with only the Close and Help buttons active and with Register, Unregister, Load, Unload, and Properties deactivated.

(30 May '13, 14:15) nico

Those buttons are disabled when the settings file does not have write access from your account. The settings file is called: .scRepository610_32 You'll need to locate where the file is and make sure your account has write access to it. Note that if you installed from the root account it may be that only root can change the file.

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answered 31 May '13, 08:46

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Yes, that seems to do the trick!

I didn't look to the repository file you mentioned but loaded scjview as below which brought the list of installed plugins. It did prove that in my case SC had to be started by root.

sudo /opt/sqlanywhere12/bin32s/scjview
(31 May '13, 09:10) nico
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