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How do I get past this error?

Could not execute store DLL (dbcis16.dll) entry point

Here's the whole console log from the engine starting up...

I. 05/22 08:48:36. SQL Anywhere Network Server Version

I. 05/22 08:48:36. Developer edition, not licensed for deployment. I. 05/22 08:48:36.

I. 05/22 08:48:36. Copyright © 2013 SAP AG or an SAP affiliate company. I. 05/22 08:48:36. All rights reserved. I. 05/22 08:48:36. Use of this software is governed by the Sybase License Agreement. I. 05/22 08:48:36. Refer to I. 05/22 08:48:36.

I. 05/22 08:48:36. Connection limit (licensed seats): 3 I. 05/22 08:48:36. Processors detected: 1 (containing 4 logical processors) I. 05/22 08:48:36. Maximum number of processors the server will use: 1 physical processor(s), 2 core(s) I. 05/22 08:48:36. This server is licensed to: I. 05/22 08:48:36. Developer Edition I. 05/22 08:48:36. Restricted Use I. 05/22 08:48:36. Running Windows 7 Build 7601 Service Pack 1 on X86 (X86_64) I. 05/22 08:48:36. Server built for X86 processor architecture I. 05/22 08:48:36. Maximum cache size adjusted to 979488K I. 05/22 08:48:37. 502040K of memory used for caching I. 05/22 08:48:37. Minimum cache size: 502040K, maximum cache size: 979488K I. 05/22 08:48:37. Using a maximum page size of 8192 bytes I. 05/22 08:48:37. Multiprogramming level: minimum:4, current:120, maximum:480 I. 05/22 08:48:37. Automatic tuning of multiprogramming level is disabled I. 05/22 08:48:37. Starting database "f" (C:\ProgramData\RisingRoad\Foxhound3\foxhound3.db) at Wed May 22 2013 08:48 E. 05/22 08:48:39. Error: Could not execute store DLL (dbcis16.dll) entry point

E. 05/22 08:48:39. Could not execute store DLL (dbcis16.dll) entry point I. 05/22 08:48:39. Database server shutdown due to startup error I. 05/22 08:48:39. Database server stopped at Wed May 22 2013 08:48

asked 22 May '13, 16:55

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Breck Carter
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Mark Culp

It means that the dbcis16.dll that the server found and loaded does not exactly match the build number of the server that loaded it. You can use procmon to see what DLL the server is loading and, in Windows Explorer, you can look at the build number of dbcis16.dll by looking at Details tab of the file properties.

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answered 23 May '13, 07:52

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John Smirnios
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Apparently, a mucked up install involving the Nagano Beta was the culprit (see screenshot below). Uninstalling/deleting SA16 and then reinstalling GA plus EBF solved the problem.

alt text

(23 May '13, 12:07) Breck Carter
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