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Hi, We are getting the following error while connecting to Sybase 12 server (Windows 32 bit) using a Sybase 15 driver (Windows 64 bit). Can any one identify and help resolving the same. Thanks.

Error Details :

Faulting application name: dllhost.exe, version: 6.1.7600.16385, time stamp: 0x4a5bca54
Faulting module name: sybdrvodb64.dll, version:, time stamp: 0x50f894ac
Exception code: 0xc0000005
Fault offset: 0x000000000008beb5
Faulting process id: 0x13ac
Faulting application start time: 0x01ce4cfb0603cfed
Faulting application path: C:\Windows\system32\dllhost.exe
Faulting module path: C:\Progra~1\Sybase\DataAccess64\ODBC\dll\sybdrvodb64.dll
Report Id: 45a08760-b8ee-11e2-b330-0050569b7b9f

asked 10 May '13, 13:08

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Mark Culp

Can you please clarify: Are you trying to connection from an ASE 15 database server to a SQL Anywhere 12 server? If so then perhaps you should ask this question on the ASE forum (See last question in FAQ) since this is likely an ASE driver issue and not an SA issue.

(10 May '13, 13:33) Mark Culp
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Hi, I want to connect the Sybase 12 server (32 bit) windows 7. This is different from the (64 bit) windows 2012 server where Sybase 15.7 Driver is installed. I am new to this forum.

(10 May '13, 15:09) qamrain

Sybase (now owned by SAP) has at least 5 different database products ... so when you say "Sybase 12" and "Sybase 15.7" we need to know which database product(s) you are referring to.

So when you say "Sybase 12" which one are you using?: Adaptive Server Enterprise (aka ASE), SQL Anywhere (aka SA or ASA), Sybase IQ (aka IQ), Advantage Database Server (aka ADS), Ultralite (aka UL) ... and there are a few more!

And when you say "Sybase 15.7" which are you referring to? My guess is that you are using Adaptive Server Enterprise.

Again, if you are using ASE as the "main server" (not the remote) and using the ASE driver then you should ask your question on the ASE forum. This forum is for questions about SQL Anywhere.

(10 May '13, 20:05) Mark Culp

Note to others: It is not quamrain's fault that this is the wrong forum for an ASE question, and you should not vote this question down UNTIL YOU TRY TO FIND AN ASE FORUM ON THE SAP WEBSITE... go ahead, try that, and maybe then you will be voting this question UP.

Update: I would rather not post a stand-alone rant, without also providing some actual help, BUT I did try to find the ASE forums on ... they are SUPPOSED to be there, because the NNTP forums have been turned off, but I CANNOT FIND THEM.

Not even via Google.

Mark, you try... you're inside The Golden Temple, you must know where stuff is.

(11 May '13, 09:22) Breck Carter
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Breck: I will agree that finding the ASE discussion forum on SCN is not trivial... but I did find it a few weeks ago (but I can't remember how I did that?).

The last question in this forum's FAQ will point you to the SCN page for ASE. On this page click on "Discussions (forum)" and then you can ask your question(s) (if you are logged in).

And I agree, if a new user to Sybase/ASE/SA/IQ/etc does not know where to go to resolve an issue and they end up asking their question on this forum then we should definitely try to help them by at least pointing them in the right direction.

(11 May '13, 09:51) Mark Culp

Ok, for posterity, I remembered how I found the ASE forum.... and these directions may help others find it in the future?

I browsed to and then typed in "ASE forum" in the "search the community" text box near the top right of the page. This took me to a results page that happens to have (currently) an entry beginning with "Please do not use this forum for ASE discussions, but...". This entry indicates that there are two ASE related discussion forums - one for SAP users that are using ASE (as their backend for their SAP applications), and another one for users that are using ASE as their general purpose backend database.

(11 May '13, 10:20) Mark Culp

Oh, that was so obvious! :)

I always go STRAIGHT to the search results that start with "Please do not use this..."

I ... am ... Wall ... yyyy!

alt text

(12 May '13, 09:26) Breck Carter

"The last question in this forum's FAQ" ...did you just add that? Because I am guilty of not looking at the FAQ, and I am feeling especially stupid for that.

(12 May '13, 09:34) Breck Carter

I updated the FAQ a few weeks ago - must have been around the beginning of April - to change the ASE and IQ links to the SCN.

(12 May '13, 10:54) Mark Culp
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