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How to (online) reduce the size of the temporary files used by SQLA during runtime.

asked 25 Apr '13, 07:12

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edited 25 Apr '13, 11:18

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Mark Culp

Temporary files cannot shrink at runtime: they are only deleted when the associated database is stopped.

Are you looking for how to avoid large temp files to begin with?

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answered 25 Apr '13, 10:28

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John Smirnios
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You mean the max_temp_space option?

(25 Apr '13, 12:02) Martin
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Well, that allows you to put a limit on each connection but I'm trying to remove the ambiguity in your question. Are you asking:

1) I have queries that use lots of temp file space. I understand why and I'm okay with that but I want to shrink the temp files without shutting down the database. Is that possible and, if so, how?


2) Why are my temp files from getting so darn big and how do I prevent it from happening?

I provided an answer to #1. #2 was more long winded and didn't think it was what you were asking. If it is, let me know :)

(25 Apr '13, 12:11) John Smirnios

oh I see, for me it's number 1) I am ok with it, but would like to shrink it without restart

(26 Apr '13, 02:40) Martin

You cannot shrink the temporary file without bouncing the database.

IMO there is no technical reason to do so... there are technical reasons why you might not want the temporary file to grow in the first place, but if those reasons don't apply, then leave well enough alone.

There may be emotional reasons to shrink the temporary file ... but ... emotions ... are ... illogical ... :)

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answered 26 Apr '13, 05:54

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Breck Carter
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