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OS: Windows 2008 64bit

Q: Does anyone have any ideas as to why some validations pass, whilst others return an orphaned page error?


We got notified about an orphaned page error in our nightly validation (on the PM backup):

Orphaned page (001ff99a) found in database file "[location]"

The next day we ran the validation on the AM backup (occurred after the previous PM backup) and no errors were reported.

The next nightly validation occurred without any errors, however the nightly validation after that reported another orphaned page error:

Orphaned page (001efe92) found in database file "[location]"

We have finally run the validation on the actual database, and it did report an orphaned page (we shall be performing a rebuild), however we are curious as to why validation could have returned different results.

asked 08 Apr '13, 20:24

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Nick Brooks
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Recently, we had problems with a MS SQL Server database which returned strange (and varying) error messages when running "DBCC CHECKDB" - one run was OK, the next (immediately afterwards) showed several errors, and so on. Copying the database to another server did not show any errors. - In the end, the effect went away after the server's RAM was exchanged... - have you checked whether these errors are shown on different hardware, as well?

(09 Apr '13, 03:38) Volker Barth
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Thanks @Volker. We've scheduled an outage to grab the prod database and bring it down to a lower region to try dbvalid. Worth mentioning, that the past two nights validation have succeeded! Very frustrating!

(10 Apr '13, 22:14) Nick Brooks
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