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I think the answer is "no"... dbsrv16 -zr SQL+HOSTVARS+PLAN+PROCEDURES+TRIGGERS+REPLACE does include statements inside triggers that are fired by code in services and events, but not statements executed by those services and events.

I understand how events might be excluded, but services are actually procedure calls.

asked 29 Mar '13, 11:14

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Breck Carter
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No. Only requests that enter into the server via a TCP/IP or SHMEM connection (i.e. a connection from ODBC, JDBC, ESQL, .Net, etc. etc.) are logged in the request level logging log. There is special code to record the queries inside triggers, but no such special code exists for web service calls. (I guess that is an oversight? ... don't know for sure; I would need to look at the code, which I don't have in front of me at the moment)

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answered 29 Mar '13, 17:59

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Mark Culp
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It would be great if request-level logging was enhanced to capture information about all activity... right now, for me, it is useless to see information about triggers but nothing about the triggering statements. Concerns about the large size of the resulting files SHOULD NOT stand in the way of increased detail; i.e., I am more than happy to cope with 100GB of trace data if it will help me solve a problem. While you're at it, -zr PLAN should capture the long text plan, the same as the LastPlanText connection-level property.

(30 Mar '13, 09:16) Breck Carter
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