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I have an ER diagram within Sybase Central (for SQLA11), which I have arranged into something approximating a useful representation of my DB. I now want to pass this diagram onto my team so they can continue editing this, but am having some issues ...

I have filed a support case in the past to migrate a diagram from SQLA 10 to 11, which involved editing the contents of the file at the following location:

C:\Documents and Settings[username]\sybase\Sybase Central 6.0.0.scUserPreferences600

to import the line:

Profiles/sqlanywhere1100/SystemDB_ERDiagramLayout= ... where SystemDB appears to correspond to the database name of my DB when served.

However, copying this line to another machine does not seem to show the ER diagram correctly.

Does anyone have any experience with this, or knowledge of other things I might have to edit in this file??

Otherwise, what do other people use to draw ER diagrams?


asked 10 Jan '11, 14:43

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Adam King
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No answer from me, but I'm certainly interested when if it pops up.

(10 Jan '11, 22:49) Siger Matt
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No solution to your problem, but an answer to your last question: we use PowerDesigner to draw ER diagrams (came with SQLA). PD can import the structure of a database and create a physical model from that. From model changes we generate an update script to deploy the modifications to dozens of databases.

(11 Jan '11, 12:37) Reimer Pods
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