I managed to create an application on windows mobile to test the sync performance. I tested it on two consolidated databases ( MS Sql Server 2005 DB and SQL Anywhere DB ) with the same structure and the same number of records and ultralite db as client DB and the following was noticed :

  • Syncing between SQL Anywhere and ultralite DBs took 3 secs
  • Syncing between SQL Server 2005 and Ultralite DBs took 470 secs

again both Sql anywhere and Sqlserver db have the same schema and same number of records, So I don't know if i'm doing it the wrong or that's an expected behavior.

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Mobilink excutes the same SQL against the consolidated database whether it is a SQL Anywhere database or an MS SQL Server (well, there are syntax difference, so it isn't exactly the same). One consolidated database should not be 150 times faster than the other database to do the same thing, although I'm happy to see that is was SQL Anywhere that was significantly faster. :)

You haven't given us a lot of information to go on here. Can you post verbose MobiLink logs (start ML with -v+) for synchronzations against both databases so we can see where the slowdown is? Is it possible that locking and blocking in your user tables contributed to the slowdown when you performed the synch against MSS?

(20 Mar '13, 08:05) Reg Domaratzki

If you are using SQL Anywhere 16, you can use the MobiLink Profiler to see which synchronization scripts are taking more time with MSS, and if the MobiLink server has detected blocking.

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