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I am receiving the error message

 The jodbc.jar build does not match the shared object build

when trying to load Sybase Central on a XP workstation. This is the same box where the list of installed plugins was not changed after applying the # 3851 update as described in this FAQ.

Is an uninstall & reinstall my only option?

UPDATE: The Check for Updates display:

There are no updates to SQL Anywhere Server 12 Database Server for Windows x86. 
There are no updates to SQL Anywhere Server 12 Client for Windows x86. 
There are no updates to SQL Anywhere 12 Administration Tools for Windows x86.

asked 12 Mar '13, 15:01

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Derli Marcochi
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Mark Culp

Please see the following post

permanent link

answered 12 Mar '13, 15:50

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Karim Khamis
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After following Karim's link I was able to find that the jodbc4.jar file was the file not updated when the last 3851 build was applied. Since we received a similar issue from a customer I started closing the applications that are normally running when a build is applied (such as antivirus, windows explorer, vpn) one by one and reapplying the build.

Even after closing all the applications (and jqs from the task manager) the build was never successfully updated. One hour later I decided to copy the jodbc4.jar from another workstation and I can now load Sybase Central (which is still showing the older plugin versions as

(12 Mar '13, 17:04) Derli Marcochi

It is possible that your issue was due to the Sybase Central or DBISQL fast launchers. I believe the EBF installer attempts to shut them down before running, but maybe that part of the process failed. If you want to try applying the EBF again, then explicitly kill the Sybase Central and DBISQL fast launchers before reapplying the EBF.

(13 Mar '13, 09:24) Karim Khamis
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I agree that it could be the reason for the issue but I have reapplied the build just after rebooting the workstation (without loading ISQL or SC) and making sure nothing else was started before.

(16 Mar '13, 10:29) Derli Marcochi

The fast launchers may have been automatically started when the computer booted and/or when you logged in?

(16 Mar '13, 13:56) Mark Culp

FWIW, I sometimes notice the Oracle Java Quick Starter (jqs.exe) does load some SQL Anyhwere DLLs, too. I don't think I have asked for that program to be running on my machine, and certainly I don't have asked it to load any SQL Anywhere DLLs, so that might lead to unexpected locked DLLs during an EBF, too...

(17 Mar '13, 17:27) Volker Barth
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