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I can't seem to trace the origin of this error found in our replication error log table:

'Permission denied: you do not have permission to select from "ISYSUSER" (-121)'; 'select b.user_name from SYS.ISYSUSER as b,SYS.ISYSTAB as tab where tab.creator = b.user_id and lower( b.user_name) = 'dbo' and tab.table_name = 'RowGenerator''; 'select if exists(select 1 from SYS.ISYSUSER as b where b.user_name = 'rs_systabgroup') then 'yes' else 'no' endif'

I've searched through our procedures, triggers and events and can't find any reference of this sql. Even searched through our PowerBuilder source code, but still no luck.

asked 15 Feb '13, 08:47

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What version of SQL Anywhere are you using? Is this a SQL Remote setup? Where is this "replication error log table" populated? (where is this message actually coming from?)

FWIW no user-written SQL code would ever reference SYS.ISYS* tables since they are not accessible; corresponding views SYS.SYS* must be used. This symptom "feels like" a catastrophic collision of mismatched software versions, but that is just a guess.

(15 Feb '13, 09:28) Breck Carter

This is in a SQL Remote setup, yes (SA12). The replication error table is populated by the procedure which is set in the "replication_error" option. When you say software versions, do you mean Sybase DB software versions?

(18 Feb '13, 01:38) Kman
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May the user running DBREMOTE do not have the required "Remote DBA" priviledge at that particular site?

And yes, we're asking for the SQL Anywhere version: both the database engine ("select @@version") and the SQL Remote version (i.e. the file version of DBREMOTE.exe).

(18 Feb '13, 03:18) Volker Barth
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