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When writing end-to-end MobiLink demonstration scripts using Windows command files, the following requirements seem to be in conflict:

  • keeping all the GUI windows on-screen until the audience has seen what's happening, then

  • running a simple command file to stop everything and delete all the files created by the demonstration so it can be started over again.

Everything's cool with dbsrv12, but not so much with mlsrv12 and dbmlsync.

I am reluctant to explore "creating Windows services for everything"... trying to keep things simple, it's a demo after all :)

Tasklist and tskill are Windows commands, apparently... and tskill mlsrv12 seems to work. Who knew? ( apparently not me :)

OK, this is getting frightening: ...I have work to do, I can't be reading about fifty zillion DOS commands I didn't know existed... :)

asked 17 Dec '10, 10:25

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Breck Carter
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Great article series on your blog, BTW - I guess I wouldn't have thought of ML to copy data between MS and SA - would have thought that's a total overkill. But I'm wrong, it seems:)

(17 Dec '10, 10:38) Volker Barth

@Volker: Thanks! ...and if it's "overkill" you want, be patient, it's coming soon :)

(17 Dec '10, 11:03) Breck Carter

For mlsrv12, the dbstop equivalent is mlstop. There isn't a dbspawn equivalent that starts the server and waits till the server is ready to accept connections. However you can use mlreplay -ping after starting an ML server to wait till the ML server is ready.

There isn't a stop command line program for dbmlsync, but you can start it with -k to have it close after synchronizing. For demo purposes it should be okay to use taskkill. Note that if you use the dbmlsync API the StartServer method is like dbspawn and the ShutdownServer method is like dbstop.

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answered 17 Dec '10, 17:21

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Graham Hurst
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edited 17 Dec '10, 18:17

mlstop! D'oh! :)

(18 Dec '10, 11:49) Breck Carter
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