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I'd like to connect to an existing DB or to create one and create tables if they don't exist. The problem is that the app just breaks, the VS debugger stops at line IConnection cn = DatabaseManager.Connect(config); The program does not enter into the catch clause.

public static IConnection GetConnection(Context context)
        IConfigPersistent config = DatabaseManager.CreateConfigurationFileAndroid("MobileDb1.udb", context);

        try// Connect, or if the database does not exist, create it and connect
            IConnection cn = DatabaseManager.Connect(config);
            return cn;
        catch (ULjException e)
            IConnection cn = DatabaseManager.CreateDatabase(config);
            return cn;

asked 11 Feb '13, 03:35

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Mariyan Marinov
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edited 11 Feb '13, 03:52

More info: I am using VS2010 with Mono for Android 4.4.55

(11 Feb '13, 03:37) Mariyan Marinov

Have you double checked that the database in fact does not exist in this test. I have to ask because this methodology works in ULj proper on Android. If if is not working with MONO, it may be a problem with MONO. Is the cn null after the connect? Can you do a simple operation i.e., create table t(id integer primary key with that connection?

(11 Feb '13, 09:43) Chris Keating
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In addition to Chris's comments, I am wondering if you are deriving classes from our UltraLiteJ interfaces. We do not have classes like IConnection or IConfigPersistent, or methods like Connect (upper case C) in DatabaseManager. If there are derived classes involved, make sure that ULjExceptions are not being handled in the derived class without being re-thrown.

(11 Feb '13, 09:50) Andy Quick
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the debugger does not succeed to row return cn; it just stops,just like I have stopped it from the menu

(11 Feb '13, 09:52) Mariyan Marinov

This is where I started from Sybase Ultralite With Mono

(12 Feb '13, 02:39) Mariyan Marinov

Could you please attach me a working example?

(13 Feb '13, 03:25) Mariyan Marinov

We are investigating this issue and will report our findings. While that is ongoing, you could capture the exception as a Java.Lang.Exception instead.

(13 Feb '13, 09:56) Chris Keating
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This works with UltraLiteJ APIs:

        ConfigFileAndroid config = null;
        Connection conn;
        try {
            config = DatabaseManager.createConfigurationFileAndroid("test.udb", this);
            Log.d("test", "connecting to database");
            conn = DatabaseManager.connect(config);
        catch (ULjException e) {
            if (e.getErrorCode() == ULjException.SQLE_ULTRALITE_DATABASE_NOT_FOUND) {
                try {
                    Log.d("test", "creating database");
                    conn = DatabaseManager.createDatabase(config);
                    // create tables...
                catch (ULjException ee) {
                    Log.e("test", ee.toString());

I am not familiar enough with Mono for Android to definitively address your issue.

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answered 13 Feb '13, 09:21

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Andy Quick
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