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Situation - I have a data file I want to load, but it has additional data that doesn't fit my table and if possible I don't want to have to change the table structure.

So I look at the docs for LOAD TABLE and there we are - just what I need:

When a column list is specified, it lists the columns that are expected to exist in the file and the order in which they are to appear. Column names cannot be repeated. Column names that do not appear in the list will be set to null/zero/empty or DEFAULT (depending on column nullability, data type, and the DEFAULT setting). Columns that exist in the input file that are to be ignored by LOAD TABLE can be specified using the column name "filler()".

However, what ever I do, I don't seem to be able to have more that one column ignored. If I use filler() more than once I get a duplicate column error.

Is there away of getting columns ignored without hitting the Column names cannot be repeated restriction ?



asked 14 Dec '10, 17:27

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Justin Willey
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Well, I'm quite sure that I have often used LOAD TABLE with several filler() columns in V10/v11 without any problem. So I guess the problem might have a different cause...

(14 Dec '10, 20:17) Volker Barth

Please provide some sample code and version info

(15 Dec '10, 07:31) Thomas Dueme...

Just to confirm my first comment: Yes, with V10.0.1 and V11.0.1, we definetely have regularly used import procedures with several "filler()" arguments in one single LOAD TABLE statement.

(15 Dec '10, 08:36) Volker Barth

I agree... I tried using filler() multiple times and it worked just fine in 10.0.1. I would need to see sample code in order to determine what problem you are running into.

(20 Dec '10, 16:31) John Smirnios
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Hi - thanks everybody for the feedback - how people describe is it is certainly how I expected it to work. I've worked around the problem for now (not hard just adding dummy columns) but I'll put together a demonstration of my problem that doesn't involve customer data and post it during the holidays.

(24 Dec '10, 09:32) Justin Willey
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