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We are facing the following problem. Our sybase database log file gets exponentially big because of isolation level logging on every call to query a tables via JPA. Is there any switch available in Sybase which can be used as a part of connection parameters to suppress logging of isolation level.

asked 25 Jan '13, 11:46

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What version and build of SQL Anywhere are you using?

What exactly do you mean by "isolation level logging"? I've never seen that term before, and there are zero Google hits (well, one hit, your question).

(27 Jan '13, 16:59) Breck Carter

Do you mean "request level logging" ?

(28 Jan '13, 06:08) Justin Willey

If it is auditing you want to disable for a connection, have a look at the docs:

(28 Jan '13, 08:21) Reimer Pods

I also think you should provide more details about your 'query through JPA' - is that 'Java Persistence API'? Are you using Hibernate or a similar framework?

Where are you currently seeing the logging of an 'isolation level' in your application?

(28 Jan '13, 10:05) Jeff Albion least these comments all count as "high-level guessing":)

(28 Jan '13, 11:59) Volker Barth

Five different people respond, are met with silence... that merits at least one down vote IMO.

(28 Jan '13, 17:32) Breck Carter
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