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We use TOP command and ORDER_BY to implement paging for our application with Sybase database: select TOP 100 id, name from tableA order by id The problem is when add join tables, we start to receive duplicate "id" and hence the total record is less than expected (because one row on the main table can match many rows in child table). Anybody has a solution for this?

My query:

select TOP 100,,,
  from tableA a 
  left outer join tableB b on = 
  left outer join tableC c on = 
 where < pass_in_id order by desc

asked 25 Jan '13, 11:00

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Mark Culp

Sure. Please show the query (or at least a part of it) - that makes suggestions much easier...

(25 Jan '13, 11:19) Volker Barth

Well, if there are duplicate rows in the result set (that's my understanding of your question, but I'm guessing), and you want to eliminate them, use the DISTINCT keyword, such as:

select distinct TOP 100,,,

Note, that may slow down your query, so you it only if necessary.

(FWIW, "GROUP BY,,," would be an alternative.)

(25 Jan '13, 12:02) Volker Barth
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when I use DISTINCT in select, it still has duplicate on the id such as:




i think distinct is for every columns in the select statements.

(25 Jan '13, 12:15) tunguyen825

Probably not elegant, but seems to be what you are looking for:

select ... where in (select top 100 from a where<pass_in_id oder by desc)

Fill your select part into the "..."

Anyway based on your joins this can result in more than 100 rows...but all first 100 ids will be included

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answered 25 Jan '13, 12:13

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I use sybase ASE and it doesn't allow to use TOP in subquery

(25 Jan '13, 12:22) tunguyen825
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In this case 1. change the forum, 2. migrate to SQLA it is the much cooler database system ;-)

(25 Jan '13, 12:24) Martin

option 2 sounds good. Does SQLA allow order by in subquery also?

(25 Jan '13, 12:31) tunguyen825

yes, I double checked

(25 Jan '13, 12:39) Martin

FWIW, just two hints to think over ASE vs. SQL Anywhere:

(27 Jan '13, 12:27) Volker Barth
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