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Hello. I am trying to create an event, based on user answering questions on a Vb screen, that will create a scheduled backup event. The script that is being created is:

 create event 'weekly Backup'
    schedule  'weekly backup'
      start time '1200'
      on 'monday'
           backup database to 'c:\dbbackup'
           update config set backupdate = dateformat(getdate(),'yymmdd')   
           /*  a table that will store the date of the backup  */

One issue I am having is that when the backup script itself runs, I am getting the message: unable to open c:program filessqlanywhere 12backup.syb but the directory location does exist.

Secondly, is this the most efficient way to create timed backups of Sybase. I am currently running SQLANywhere 11.1 and appreciate comments & help.

Gary Tinkel Profession Software Consortium

asked 14 Jan '13, 16:04

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Gary T
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Mark Culp

FWIW, the last backup date is also available from system table syshistory:

select max(last_time) from syshistory
   where operation = 'last_backup';
(15 Jan '13, 06:17) Volker Barth

Try this way:

 IF NOT exists(select null from SYSEVENT where SYSEVENT.EVENT_NAME = 'BACKUP_11') then
           CREATE EVENT BACKUP__11
           SCHEDULE daily_backup
           START TIME '11:00AM'
           ON ('Mon')
           START DATE '2008-04-23'
                 Backup Database Directory 'c:\\dbbackup\\Backup_11'
    END IF;
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answered 15 Jan '13, 06:21

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Walmir Taques
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Gary, we're doing something similar and it works like a charm. One point of interest though: Try using double-slashes when creating your event. I.e.

.... backup database to 'c:\\dbbackup\\...'
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answered 15 Jan '13, 05:29

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Volker Barth

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