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Hello, I have some publications in my ultralite database responsible for sync pieces of the whole database. When I try to sync an isolated publication it works fine and also works as well when I try to sync all publications together separated by a comma. Like this:

ul_sync_info ul_info;
ul_info.publications = "Pub1,Pub2";

But when I try to use the asterisk to sync all publications together without specifing their names I got an fatal error in the iOS Platform (Bad Access). Like this:

ul_sync_info ul_info;
ul_info.publications = "*";

It's important to know that my sync works fine when I don't fill this field and this is my current workaround for this problem.

I'm using the EBF 3819 (Mac OSX) and this problem doesn't reproduce in old versions.

asked 04 Jan '13, 14:15

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David Garcia
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edited 17 Jan '13, 14:53


I notice you are using NSString constants and assigning directly to UL's char const * publications field. I doubt that works properly...? It should be plain old "*". (Also of course make sure you call ULConnection's InitSyncInfo before setting any fields.)

(07 Jan '13, 12:10) Tim McClements

Actually, I'm using char const * only my example in the forum was wrong (I've already edited). Yes, I'm initializing the ULConnection properly. I'm pretty sure because all others syncs works fine, only when I'm using that specific char the sync fails.

(17 Jan '13, 14:57) David Garcia

As well as Tim's suggest to use "*" instead of @"*", another alternative would be to use the UL_SYNC_ALL_PUBS constant:

ul_info.publications = UL_SYNC_ALL_PUBS;

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answered 07 Jan '13, 13:08

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Graham Hurst
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edited 07 Jan '13, 13:09

I've tried to use the UL_SYNC_ALL_PUBS and it didn't work. The sync fails.

(17 Jan '13, 14:59) David Garcia
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Does it work if you use UL_SYNC_ALL:

ul_info.publications = UL_SYNC_ALL;

If so, then it sounds like you've found a bug.

(17 Jan '13, 18:43) Graham Hurst

FYI, this was due to a bug (issue 740226) that has been fixed as of the following builds (not yet released):

(22 May '13, 14:12) Graham Hurst
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