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I am making a simple call to a wcf web service through a sql anywhere SP. Here is how my procedure looks like:

ALTER PROCEDURE "pass"."UploadVendor"( year integer, monthno integer, inout inoutheader long varchar, in inheader long varchar) url '' TYPE 'SOAP:RPC' set 'SOAP(OPERATION=Upload)' soapheader '!inoutheader!inheader'

then i call the SP like this:

CALL "pass"."UploadVendor"("year" = 2012,"monthno" = 12,"inoutheader" = '< SOAPAction mustUnderstand="1" xmlns="" >< /SOAPAction >',"inheader" = 'what I put here?')

(For display purpose, I put spaces around "SOAPAction" and "/SOAPAction" so that the tags will be displayed properly on this post. I don't have spaces when I actually make the call.)

I keep getting "Unsupported Media Type" error. I don't think I have set my "inoutheader" and "inheader" right. How should I set them?


asked 07 Dec '12, 16:06

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The documentation is not very detailed, but have you tried 'SOAP:DOC'? For me it seems, as if SOAP:RPC is only supporting strings...

(14 Dec '12, 07:29) Martin
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