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We are getting the following error as soon as the database is started.

[Sybase][ODBC Driver][SQL Anywhere]Internal database error ERROR Assertion failed: 200114[Proper] ( Can't find values for row 212b76:39 in index 'APRE_KEXTENDEDVALUE' -- transaction rolled back

Not certain about the best thing to do next. We have the last backup but not its log, and the current active log.

I also get the error almost as soon as the validating starts, so things dont look good for this db. Does this mean that the db is corrupted? So I'm now looking at going to the last backup and translating the current active log, but I have never done this before.

asked 05 Dec '12, 15:07

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I found your error message (at least a very similar one) indicating a corrupted file.

Hope that helps.

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answered 05 Dec '12, 15:13

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Assertion 200114 occurs when the server has attempted to lookup a value in the named index but for some reason the index entry was not found. This may happen either because your database is corrupted, a hardware glitch, or a software problem (Note: build fix such a problem - with LIKE predicate range queries - that would have caused this assertion).

I would start by validating your database (a full validate database, not an express check) to verify (or confirm) that your database is (or is not) corrupted.

If the database appears to not be corrupted then if the problem occurs again then I would suggest that you contact Tech Support (see Contact Us link at bottom of this page) to work with them to determine the cause of your problem.

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answered 05 Dec '12, 15:18

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