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Update: The following problem has gone away by itself. It is possible that a reboot took care of it, and if so, that's just plain embarrassing... to me. That's like forgetting to wave a dead chicken over the keyboard... which I also didn't do, oops :)

Why does installing the Version EBF clear the previously-checked setting for ISQL - Tools - Options - Compatibility - Pressing the Esc key clears SQL statements and closes result sets?

This is displayed for both previously-existing and freshly-created databases, even though the checkbox was checked prior to the installation of

alt text

It also reset Options - SQL Anywhere - Results - Show results from each statement back to the default un-selected state:

alt text

This is a continuing problem... set and save the options, shut down and restart (database and dbisql), and all the options have been reset again... argh!

asked 21 Nov '10, 12:15

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Breck Carter
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edited 23 Nov '10, 10:36

It's time to remember you of your own comment on this question: Or do you really attempt to stay "Old school" forever?

(21 Nov '10, 19:45) Volker Barth

FWIW, on my boxes (which have undergone all 12.0.0 EBFs so far), the option is still set after is installed. This is on 32-bit Windows.

(22 Nov '10, 08:30) Volker Barth

@Volker: I think you first comment applies to a whole different question. And of course it works for you, The Force is with you! :)

(22 Nov '10, 10:28) Breck Carter

@Breck: Correct, my first comment doesn't relate to this particular question. It's just a reminder that compatibility with old behaviour (and us old-school users) seems a goal one has to struggle for. - "Got to kick at the darkness 'til it bleeds daylight", as a well-known Canadian said. (

(22 Nov '10, 12:06) Volker Barth

@Everyone: If you think this question is shape-shifting, you are correct... both the title and question have changed twice since original input, as the severity of the problem slowly reveals itself to me :)

(22 Nov '10, 12:47) Breck Carter

@Breck: So you say the unwanted reset doesn't appear by means of an EBF but merely by restarting the engine? That would indeed be a much more severe problem, methinks.

(22 Nov '10, 13:17) Volker Barth
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