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I'm using NHibernate ( to access my SA12 database. Currently I have an linq expression that take sum of a column [type: numeric(19,2)] but sa server is throwing an exception since generated sql is something like

select sum(cast(value as numeric(19,255)))

I know numeric(19,255) is invalid. But now I have 2 questions:

  1. How to solve / work around?
  2. Why using NHibernate with sa11 dialect it works?

Thank you.

asked 14 Nov '12, 14:51

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Jeff Albion

I had this problem too!

(16 Nov '12, 04:54) Tuschinski

Currently I have an linq expression that take sum of a column [type: numeric(19,2)]

Can you post the LINQ code that you're using to calculate this expression?

Why using NHibernate with sa11 dialect it works?

Have you tried the SA12 dialect with NHibernate also? Do you see the same issue?

How to solve / work around?

If you examine the SQL Anywhere 11 Dialect code for how the dialect handles the NUMERIC type:

 RegisterColumnType( DbType.Decimal, "NUMERIC(19,$l)" ); // Precision ranges from 0-127

and the (Java) Hibernate documentation describes how $l (length, or scale) is automatically passed in by the Hibernate framework. It's possible that this mechanism has changed somehow in - we'll need more details from you to help confirm this.

(16 Nov '12, 13:25) Jeff Albion

Jeff, I'll analyze your questions and reply tomorrow.

(19 Nov '12, 14:01) Zote
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