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Hi Forum.

we have a problem with the dbeng12.exe. Version: SQL Anywhere 12.0.1 build 3742 I try to explain with my 'perfekt' english: We want to start two programs, named ProgA and ProgB. Both programs has his own DSN entry, which was created with the ODBC-Admin. For ProgA in the DSN we start the dbeng12.exe with the ProgA.db For ProgB in the DSN we start the dbeng12.exe with the ProgB.db

Now the Problem: The start of ProgA and the ProgA.db were succesful. If we start now ProgB, we get the message that the connection to the ProgB.db database was not possible. If I shutdown the ProgA, than I could start ProgB. But not both together at the same time. But: If I starts ProgA and starts only the dbengine without opening the ProgB.db, after that I could start ProgB, because the engine is already running.

(I have the same Problem if I use the 'Test-Connection-Button in the ODBC-Admin instead of ProgB)

Any idea?

Thanks for all help.


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Mark Culp

I can't test this at the moment, so it's a guess, but I think that the server name (ENG parameter) may be causing the problem. You could try this:

DSN A: eng=C;dbf=full\path\to\ProgA.db;dbn=ProgA;uid=...;pwd=...
DSN B: eng=C;dbf=full\path\to\ProgB.db;dbn=ProgB;uid=...;pwd=...

The shared ENG parameter means that they both use the same engine. The full path to each database file ensures that the engine can find the file.

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answered 27 Oct '12, 19:01

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Tom Slee
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Try to specify 2 different ports for each database.

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answered 27 Oct '12, 22:39

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Thanks for all ideas. It is solved. I installed the 'Express Bug Fix, Update of 12.0.1 to build 3769' and it works. My DSN were OK.

Thanks again...

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answered 28 Oct '12, 13:27

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