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When I run a an insert statement with a large "contents" value I get an error "Could not execute statement. Server 'DirectoryServer': No such file or directory SQLCODE=-660, ODBC 3 State="HY000"

Anybody know why I'm erroring out? This happens when "contents" value is over 3000.

asked 11 Sep '12, 19:01

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Please provide more information: it sounds like you are using a directory access proxy table - what is the exact statement that you are trying to execute when you get the error?

(11 Sep '12, 20:39) Mark Culp
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Yes I am using a directory access proxy table.

Here's a shortened version of the statement since it won't let me post everything.

Insert into DBA.Attachments(Contents, File_Name)
    values (0X5768656E20492072756E206120616E20696E736<skipped>206572, 'test.txt')

(Update: data has been truncated to make the page readable.)

(12 Sep '12, 01:44) Sunovavic

Does it work when you assign the file contents to a LONG VARBINARY variable and then use that variable within the insert, such as:

  declare myBlob long varbinary;
  set myBlob = 0x5768656E20492072756E206120616E20696E736<skipped>206572;
  Insert into DBA.Attachments(Contents, File_Name)
    values (myBlob, 'test.txt');
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answered 12 Sep '12, 10:43

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Volker Barth
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Yes that works. Thank you! Do you know why it has to be assigned to a variable for it to work?

(12 Sep '12, 11:12) Sunovavic
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No, that was just wild guessing - similar to that proxy table question... but Mark will know:)

(12 Sep '12, 11:20) Volker Barth
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