When trying to connect with a PowerBuilder12.5 Classic web application deployed on a different server I get Java Exception : Fatal Error. Unable to initialize DatabaseMetaData class

The connection works fine on the machine with PowerBuilder Installed but not on a second server where it is deployed with the generated msi.

The connection string used is as follow: "Driver='sybase.jdbc4.sqlanywhere.IDriver',URL='jdbc:sqlanywhere:Host=MyHost:2638; ServerName=MyServername',DelimitIdentifier='Yes',TrimSpaces='Yes'"

I am able to establish a connection to the database using java and the same connection string ?

Any help in resolving this would be greatly appreciated !

asked 24 Aug '12, 10:34

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Is the driver specified in the classpath? For the IDE, the driver can either be picked up from the classpath (if defined at the prior to PB starting) or via a configuration within the IDE. For deployment, the only option is classpath as far as I know.

(27 Aug '12, 09:37) Chris Keating
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The CLASSPATH on the deployment machine is as follow:

%SQLANY12%javasajdbc4.jar;C:SybasejConnect-7_0classesjconn4.jar;C:Program Files (x86)SybaseSharedPowerBuilderpbjdbc12125.jar;C:SybasejConnect-7_0classes

am I missing something?

(27 Aug '12, 11:05) Cbgi
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