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I found a table named 'mt' and creator is dba, but in the code seems we didn't create it.

If the table create by db, it should be a sys table, but it showed as created by dba...Does sql anywhere 9.0 create any table as dba automatically? Since I didn't find this table using sqlanaywhere 10.0

asked 22 Aug '12, 05:38

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Daz Liquid

Even the MobiLink tables start with the letters "ml", not "mt", and in Version 9 they were all owned by dbo.

So, no, mt was probably created after SQL Anywhere 9 was installed. If you show us what the table looks like (schema and data) perhaps someone will recognize what might have created it (if it was created by some other software package).

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answered 22 Aug '12, 09:17

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Breck Carter
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As Breck has implied, SQL Anywhere does not (and has never) created a table named 'mt'. Perhaps it was a typo in syntax at one point...?

Do you have a complete transaction log for the database since it was initialized? You can try translating the transaction log using "dbtran" to a SQL file and look for "CREATE TABLE" statements.

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answered 22 Aug '12, 10:33

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Jeff Albion
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FWIW, looking for "ALTER TABLE ... RENAME " would also make sense.

If you don't have the according log, you still might be able to use the table_id value of that table (in systable) to find out whether that table was created before/after tables you are aware of, as table_ids are incremented chronologically - that might or might not give a clue...

(22 Aug '12, 10:39) Volker Barth
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