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I am trying to create DB using dbinit command and getting SQL error (-85) -- Communication error. what could be the cause of this error.

below is the output from the dbinit command

SQL Anywhere Initialization Utility Version 
CHAR collation sequence:  UTF8BIN(CaseSensitivity=Respect) 
CHAR character set encoding:  UTF-8 NCHAR 
collation sequence:  UCA(CaseSensitivity=UpperFirst;AccentSensitivity=Ignore;PunctuationSensitivity=Primary) 
NCHAR character set encoding:  UTF-8 
Creating system tables 
Creating system views 
Setting option values 
SQL error (-85) -- Communication error


asked 15 Aug '12, 05:43

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Mark Culp

What is you DBINIT command line?

AFAIK, the next (and only) message after "Setting option values" should be

Database "C:\MyTest.db" created successfully

so the communication error seems to appear rather late in the process.

Are you using a particular edition of SQL Anywhere (OEM)?

FWIW: In order to understand DBINIT's action - and possibly to check if DBINIT may interfere with some other database engine currently running on your box (which I don't expect) - confine John's answer from this FAQ.

(15 Aug '12, 06:58) Volker Barth

This appears to be a result of the engine stopping during the creation of the database. It's not entirely clear why that would happen, of course. You can start an engine with -n dbinit_engine and then run dbinit. It should use the engine you just started and you can watch for any assertion failures or other problems.

(15 Aug '12, 11:08) Phil Mitchell
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...and possibly add -o Console.log to the dbeng12 start line to store log messages in a file...

(15 Aug '12, 11:19) Volker Barth

thanks all for your quick response.would like to add few more details as follows

version OS AIX 6

I started the server with dbsrv12 and run the following command to create a new DB

dbinit -b -dbs 1024m -c -k -t /log01/test.log -z UTF8BIN -zn UCA /data01/test.db

getting database not created message at the end of the execution

(16 Aug '12, 00:36) vhm
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Have you tried to start the server with -o (and possibly with -z to log diagnostic communication messages)? What does that output reveal?

(I assume you have followed Phil's advice to expplicitly start a dbeng12/dbsrv12 local engine with the name dbinit_engine, and have checked that this engine is used by DBINIT...)

(16 Aug '12, 03:16) Volker Barth

Another approach would be to

  • use DBISQL to connect to a running engine and
  • use an appropriate CREATE DATABASE statement to create a database with the desired properties - each DBINIT flag will have an according CREATE DATABASE clause...

As John has stated in the cited FAQ, DBINIT inernally does just that (however tied to a database engine called dbinit_engine).

(16 Aug '12, 03:19) Volker Barth
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