The following older FAQ is displayed on top of the "active" question list - with Reimer as "last updater"- although there is no trace of "recent activity" in his user page related to that FAQ.

It's the second on this screenshot:

All questions order by activity

Some hours before my name was shown there - and I had not edited the FAQ, too.

Is there something particular to this FAQ - possibly as it is a "community wiki question"?

FWIW: Other "surprising updates" have been discussed in this FAQ, but they all left traces in the "Recent activity view". That's obviously not the case here. - No big deal, anyway.

asked 07 Aug '12, 09:05

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Volker Barth
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Ha, and now Justin is the one - "Round Robin"?

It seems that activity on this FAQ leads to "hidden" updates on the mentioned FAQ, too...

(07 Aug '12, 09:35) Volker Barth
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I've noticed that too. Immediately after commiting my answer and returning back to the main page both questions where displayed as having been changed 7 seconds ago, but I definitely didn't modify the other question (the 2'nd in the image). No waving a dead chicken over the keyboard or other kind of voodoo involved.

(07 Aug '12, 10:05) Reimer Pods
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I never touched it!! Honest! (And my dead chicken is still in the fridge - I only get it out when advised to by Breck)

(07 Aug '12, 10:10) Justin Willey

Possibly a new feature: "Bring up related topics, as well!"

Smart, that OSQA software:)

(07 Aug '12, 10:22) Volker Barth

Now its Hartmut Branz. He edited his own question "Temporary table meta data" and then appeared as the owner of the last activity on Breck's question "Connection-level TempFilePages can hit 32,768G in"

(13 Aug '12, 08:14) Justin Willey

I don't think so: Hartmut has actually edited this page, cf. his Recent activities.

FWIW, I do know as I had read his former answer:)

As such, that's not that mysterious...

(13 Aug '12, 08:23) Volker Barth

I see what you mean now - he answered and then deleted the answer - so nothing to show on the question itself. Thanks

(13 Aug '12, 12:15) Justin Willey
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