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We have run up against a database recovery failure in SQL Anywhere

I allow the system to send you failure data but the error I received was

** ERROR *** Assertion failed: 100904 (
Failed to redo a database operation (id=4, page_no=0x4a90, offset=0x6ca) 
- Error: User 'another user' has the row in 'DexterSensorsRealtimeData' l
    ... recovery 46% complete

asked 28 Jul '12, 09:55

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J Diaz
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Breck Carter

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Do you have materialized views defined in your database?

Please also follow a related post here "Applying Log Causes Assertion 100904 - User 'another user' has row locked"

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answered 28 Jul '12, 11:00

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Nica _SAP
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No materialized views in this database. I had already seen the referenced post, it ends in a tech assist. Our issues closely mirrors the referenced post in that this is a hot standby database. We are presently refreshing the remote backup and validating, although these databases are validated and fully backed up weekly with no errors found. This will take several days since the database is roughly 200 GB.

Thanks for the assist.


(28 Jul '12, 16:36) J Diaz

I'm not sure we will be able to identify the exact reason for your recovery failure without looking at the database (you may want to call Tech Support to have someone look at it).... but there have been a few issues fixed in builds more recent than what you are using:

  • QTS 690114: Recovery could fail if server is started with certain features secured (fixed in
  • QTS 686822: Recovery could fail after schema upgrade performed by dblmsync (fixed in
  • and a few more that are related to mirroring (which may not be relevant here?)

You may want to consider downloading a recent EBF and see if you can recover the database using the newer software?

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answered 30 Jul '12, 08:45

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Mark Culp
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